A How To Guide: Using Roame

Hey! Welcome to Roame. This guide is intended to help first time users get a better understanding of how to use Roame's free-to-use platform.

What is Roame?

Roame is Google flights using credit card points and miles. Using Roame, you can search across 10+ airline loyalty programs in one single swoop, enabling you to see the award availability for over 200 airlines. This functionality transforms what is traditionally a time-consuming and often frustrating endeavor into a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Whether you are well-versed in utilizing your credit card rewards or find yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of points and miles, Roame was designed to simplify credit card rewards and to help you maximize the value of your points and miles.

  1. AeroMexico Club Premier
  2. Air Canada Aeroplan
  3. Air France
  4. KLM Flying Blue
  5. Alaska Mileage Plan*
  6. American Airlines AAdvantage
  7. Avianca Lifemiles
  8. Delta SkyMiles
  9. Emirates Skywards
  10. Jetblue True Blue*
  11. United Airlines MileagePlus*
  12. Virgin Australia Velocity
  13. Virgin Atlantic
  14. Qantas
  15. Spirit

Free To Use: Roame

The free Roame product is immediately accessible by visiting our main website. At the top is a standard search bar to find flights:

Here, you can input your various search criteria, almost as if you were just searching for a flight on Google. Enter your origin and destination airports, departure and arrival dates, class of travel, and number of passengers.

Once inputted, click the magnifying glass to search. Over the course of few minutes, you’ll see a bunch of flight options populate:

You can also use the filters right below the search bar to narrow down your options (to use filters, you’ll have to make an account). Let's say I didn't want to only at options for Air France. I can select the "Airlines" filter and deselect Air France.

Roame also offers the ability to filter by reward program (e.g. Chase, Amex Membership Rewards, etc.), number of stops, and by the number of stops.

To then book a flight, hover over the point family you’d like to use. If you’re a first timer, navigate to the transfer guide and learn how to move Chase points to the airline program. If you’re more experienced, go straight to your points source and transfer them over accordingly. 

Roame’s free-to-use product has no commercial usage caps, enabling you to begin your point searching journey relatively quickly and easily.

What's Next?

If you've ever done award searching before or are using Roame frequently, you may discover that finding award availability for some routes is much more difficult than expected. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process having to slowly work through each day and monitoring for seat openings on a daily basis.

SkyView, Roame's subscription product for Friends of Roame, allows users like you to quickly find award flights for any time period between any two destinations. Click here to learn more about SkyView and how it can work for you.

Final Thoughts

Roame is a powerful search tool that can help you achieve your travel dreams.

With the free-to-use software, you can accelerate your award search processes tremendously and make the most of their credit card points and airline miles.